#CREI17 Top Prospects C/O 2021

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By: Adam Shoulders and Kurt Stubbs II

Top 2021 Prospects

Point Guards:
Carter Whitt (6’1/2021/PG)- Trinity Academy (NC)
Colson Montgomery (6’2/2021/PG)- Southridge HS (IN)
Zion Swader (5’10/PG/2021)- Oakland Middle School (TN)
Jaden Rogers (5’11/2021/PG)- Fern Creek HS (KY)
Erick Burgess (6’2/2021/PG)- Cristo Rey (MN)
Cormac Christie (6’2/2021/PG)- Rolling Meadows (IL)
Joshua Bascoe (5’8/2021/PG)- Bishop Reading (Canada)

Combo Guards:
Brody Peebles (6’0/2021/W)- Hartselle HS (AL)
Ryan Conway (6’0/2021/CG)- St. Agnes Catholic School (MD)
Keon Henderson (6’0/2021/PG)- Renaissance HS (MI)
Allen Lattimore (5’11/2021/CG)- Dayton (OH)
Jakobe Thompson (6’0/2021/CG)- McKinley Middle School (WI)
Isaiah Moore (6’0/2021/CG)- Beavercreek (OH)

Shooting Guards:
Isaac Vencel (5’11/2021/W)- Bloomington North HS (IN)

Javon Ruffin (6’3/2021/W)- Isidore Newman (LA)
Douglas (JR) Konieczny (6’2/2021/PG)- South Bend St. Joseph (IN)
Brayden Dailey (6’4/2021/W)- Mineral Point (WI)
EJ Farmer (6’2/2021/W)- Lutheran East (OH)
Michael Eley (6’0/2021/PG)- Snider HS (IN)
Garner Wallace (6’3/2021/W)- Pickerington Central (OH)
Kobe Buford (6’1/2021/W)- Dublin Coffman (OH)
Ty Robinson (6’3/2021/W)- Eaglecrest (CO)
Kobe Bufkin (6’1/2021/PG)- Grand Rapids Christian (MI)
Davon Barnes (6’2/2021/W)- White Station (TN)
Andrel Anthony Jr. (6’1/2021/W)- Windemere Park (MI)

Wing Forwards:
Chet Holmgren (6’8/2021/WF)- Minnehaha Academy (MN)
Darius Washington (6’6/2021/WF)- Trinity HS (KY)
Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (6’5/2021/WF) Clarksville Academy (TN)
Treyvaughn Williams (6’3/2021/WF)- Columbine HS (CO)

Curt Hopf (6’6/2021/WF)- Forest Park HS (IN)
Caleb Furst (6’8/2021/F)- Blackhawk Christian (IN)
Dionte “DJ” Hughes (6’6/2021/WF)- Lawrence North (IN)
Skyler Schmidt (6’6/2021/F)- Clermont Northeastern (OH)

Chris Hodges (6’8/2021/C)- Schaumburg HS (IL)
Trinity Bell (6’7/2021/C)- Albertsville HS (AL)

Honorable Mention:
Evan Delp (6’1/2021/CG)- Coosa Christian School (AL); Brett Bosley (6’4/2021/WF)- Paoli (IN); Jayden Brewer (6’2/2021/PG)- Ben Davis HS (IN); Glenn Bynum Jr. (6’3/2021/W)- Northside Christian Academy (NC); Elijah Anderson (5’10/2021/W)- St. Marcillinus (Canada); Kobe Mitchell (5’9/2021/PG)- Harrison Central (OH); Gregory Johnson II (6’1/2021/PG)- Cincinnati St. Xavier (OH); Trey James (6’10/2021/C)- Sheldon Clark HS (KY); Gus Etchison (5’11/2021/SG)- Hamilton Heights (IN); Camden Tyner (5’11/2022/W)- James Johnson (FL); Luke Lacey (6’0/2021/PG)- Brownsburg (IN); DeVean Franklin (6’2/2021/W)- River Valley (IN); Lane Sparks (6’0/2021/W)- South Ripley (IN); Ahmad Edmonds (5’11/2021/W)- Cambridge Christian School (FL); Luke Goode (6’2/2021/W)- Homestead HS (IN); Luke Murphy (6’0/2021/SG)- Bedford MS (CT); Hunter Hacala (6’2/2021/W)- Chaminade (MO); Brian Waddell (6’0/2021/W)- Carmel HS (IN); Marcus Stewart (6’2/2021/W)- Columbus Academy (OH); Malik Stanley (5’10/2021/PG)- Warren (IN);

#CREI17 Top Prospects C/O 2020

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Jalen Johnson
Jalen Johnson of Sun Prairie HS (WI)
Photo by: Spencer Pulliam/@ThePrepInsiders

By: Adam Shoulders and Kurt Stubbs II

Top 2020 Prospects

Point Guards:
Jalen Terry (5’11/2020/PG)- Flint Beecher (MI)
Ethan Morton (6’5/2020/PG)- Butler Area HS (PA)
Caleb Love (6’3/2020/PG)- Christian Brothers (MO)
Kadarious “KD” Johnson (6’2/2020/PG)- Southwest Dekalb HS (GA)
Jordan Rawls (6’2/2020/PG)- Hamilton Heights Academy (TN)
Dom Penn (5’11/2020/PG)- Dublin Coffman (OH)
Garvin Clarke (6’1/2020/PG)- Euclid (OH)
Rondel Walker (6’2/2020/PG)- Putnam City West HS (OK)
Mike Saunders Jr. (6’0/2020/PG)- Lawrence North HS (IN)
Brayton Bailey (6’2/2020/PG)- Bedford North Lawerence HS (IN)
Kalein Taylor (6’1/2020/PG)- Milwaukee Academy (WI)
Jesse White (5’11/2020/PG)- Sam Barlow HS (OR)
Hayden Jones (5’10/2020/PG)- East Noble HS (IN)

Combo Guards:
Ty Foster (5’11/2020/CG)- Lincoln HS (CO)
Jordan Nesbitt (6’5/2020/CG)- Lutheran North HS (MO)
Adam Sommer (6’3/2020/CG)- Parkway South (MO)
Derek Edwards (5’11/2020/CG)- Islands (GA)
Jaden Ivey (6’0/2020/CG)- Marian HS (IN)

Shooting Guards:
Josiah Fulcher (6’2/2020/SG)- Pickerington Central (OH)
Xavier Bell (6’2/2020/SG)- Andover Central (KS)
Dusty Williams (6’2/2020/SG)- Battle Ground Academy (TN)

Honorable Mention:
Sammy Anderson (6’1/2020/PG)- Trotwood-Madison (OH); Darin Starks (6’1/2020/PG)- New Albany HS (IN); Lorenzo Barbei (6’0/2020/PG)- Brampton Centennial (Canada); Trey Zastrow (6’0/2020/SG)- Maniltowoc Lutheran (WI); Charles Woodhams (6’1/2020/W)- Otsego HS (MI); Okay Djamgouz (6’4/2020/SG)- St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic (Canada); Ernest Sanders (6’1/2020/W)- Flint Beecher (MI); Dylan Branson (6’3/2020/CG)- Chaminade College Prep (MO); Jackson Hiester (6’2/2020/W)- Mater Dei HS (IN); Gerald Gittens Jr. (5’10/2020/CG)- St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy (WI); Phillip Pontious (5’10/2020/CG)- Gahanna Lincoln (OH); Jimmy Scholler (6’2/2020/SG)- Forest Hills Central (MI); Weston Baer (6’0/2020/SG)- Pomeroy Meigs(OH); Conner Maciag (6’2/2020/SG)- Pickerington Central (OH); Reginauld Strong (6’0/2020/CG)- Farragut HS (IL); Larry Stephens III (5’11/2020/CG)- Springfield HS (OH); Tyler Brelsford (6’2/2020/PG)- Mt. St. Joseph (MD); Tony Montgomery (5’7/2020/PG)- St. Joseph (MS); Steven Henderson II (6’2/2020/CG)- St. Catherine’s (WI); Max Perez (5’9/2020/PG)- Hudsonville (MI); Jared McCorkle (6’0/2020/CG)- Lakota West (OH); Quentin Richardson (5’10/2020/PG)- Holy Name (OH); Mitchell Wilson (5’10/2020/PG)- Columbia City (IN); Jake Warinner (6’3/2020/SG)- New Albany (OH); Brendan Lamb (5’10/2020/PG)- Lebanon HS (OH); Nicholas Fugiasco (6’2/2020/SG)- Case HS (WI); Caleb Bowers (6’0/2020/CG)- Williamsport HS (MD); and Zach Maynard (6’0/2020/CG)- Rochester Adams (MI).

Jalen Johnson (6’6/2020/W)- Sun Prairie HS (WI)
MarJon Beauchamp (6’4/2020/W)- Garfield HS (WA)
Che Evans (6’6/2020/W)- Dulaney HS (MD)
Brandon Boston (6’6/2020/W)- Norcross HS (GA)
Maxwell Land (6’3/2020/W)- Cincinnati Moeller (OH)
Harry Lackey (6’5/2020/W)- Brentwood HS (TN)
Julien Hunter (6’3/2020/W)- New Albany HS (IN)
Dante Maddox (6’4/2020/W)- Bloom HS (IL)

Wing Forwards:
Adrian Caldwell (6’4/2020/WF)- Cy-Fair HS (TX)
Jordan Kwiecinski (6’7/2020/WF)- Loyola Academy (IL)
Bennett Kwiecinski (6’6/2020/WF)- Loyola Academy (IL)
Luke Kasubke (6’5/2020/WF)- Chaminade College Prep HS (MO)
Grant Whisman (6’5/2020/WF)- Middletown Madison (OH)
VonCameron Davis (6’4/2020/WF)- Walnut Ridge (OH)
Lamontay Daugherty (6’6/2020/WF)- DuQuoin HS (IL)
Tre Coleman (6’6/2020/WF)- Jeffersonville HS (IN)
Jalen Myers (6’6/WF/2020)- Hazel Green HS (AL)
Tony Perkins (6’3/2020/F)- Lawrence North HS (IN)

Honorable Mention:
Jylen Petty (6’5/2020/W)- South Bend Washington (IN); Jonathan Jackson (6’5/2020/W)- Homeschooled (KS); Jaden Gale (6’5/2020/W)- Rangeview HS (CO); Carter Gilmore (6’5/2020/W)- Arrowhead HS (WI); Jeremy Baker (6’2/2020/W)- Kokomo HS (IN); Shawn Warrior (6’3/2020/W)- Wichita Southeast HS (KS); Chris Grubbs (6’5/2020/WF)- Hamilton SE (IN); Markeece Brown (6’2/2020/W)- Licking Heights (OH); Brent Darby (6’5/2020/WF)- Garfield Heights; Brad Colbert (6’0/2020/W)- Cincinnati Moeller (OH); Jaden Woods(6’3/2020/W)- Newark HS (OH); Trevon Ellis (6’1/2020/W)- Dayton Stivers; Carl Blanton (6’2/2020/W)- Trotwood-Madison; Taevon Anderson (6’2/2020/W)- Oak Grove HS (LA); Zaewuan Baines (6’3/2020/W)- Northcross (VA); Brady Uhl (6’1/2020/W)- Kettering Alter (OH); Anthony Scales (6’4/2020/W)- Pike HS (IN); Caleb Kinney (6’3/2020/W)- Parkway (OH); Nehemiah Benson (6’5/2020/WF)- Streetsboro (OH); Caleb Brown (6’3/2020/W)- New Albany (IN); and Aiden Flynn (6’3/2020/W)- Marquette University HS (WI).

Martice Mitchell (6’8/2020/WF)- Bloom HS (IL)
Walker Kessler (6’9/2020/F)- Landmark Christian (GA)
William Dunn (6’7/2020/F)- Quincy HS (MI)
Isaiah Jackson (6’7/2020/F)- Lutheran Northwest (MI)
Allen Udemadu (6’8/2020/F)- Christian Life Center Academy (TX)
Joshua Taylor (6’6/2020/F)- Columbia City HS (GA)
Brock Davis (6’5/2020/F)- Holland Hall (OK)
Quincy Canty (6’8/2020/F)- Cedars Shoals HS (GA)
Lynn Kidd (6’8/2020/F)- Spain Park (AL)

Davion Bradford (6’10/2020/C)- Christian Brothers (MO)
Jackson Ames (6’9/2020/C)- West Clermont HS (OH)
John Hughley (6’8/2020/C)- Lyndhurst Brush (OH)
Riley Bodner (6’8/2020/C)- Lincoln County HS (KY)

Honorable Mention:
Seyrie Lewis (6’8/2020/F)- Kenwood Academy (IL); John Akot Aguer (6’10/2020/C)- Wesley Christian HS (KY); and Ray Surratt (6’8/2020/C)- Lafayette HS (KY)

#CREI17 Top Ohio Performers

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By Kurt Stubbs
Basketball Senior Writer MaxPreps/JJHuddle

Plainfield, IN — The 2017 CrossRoads Elite Invitational concluded this past Sunday inside beautiful Plainfield High School outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. Once again, the field was loaded with top talent from Seattle (WA) to Tampa (FL). Here is a look at the top performers from Ohio.

2017 CrossRoads Elite Invitational Top Ohio Performers

Jackson Ames (6’9/2020)- Batavia
SW Ohio big man had a good camp. We’ve seen him play mainly with his back to the basket, but during camp he showed off his ability to knock down spot up perimeter shots. Still needs to work on conditioning, hands, and impacting the game at the defensive end. Ames is currently trending as a mid-major priority, but has growth in his game that could take him a level higher.

Sammy Anderson (6’1/2020)- Trotwood-Madison
SW Ohio guard that thrives at being relentless. Anderson loves attacking the basket with reckless abandon and has a motor that doesn’t stop. Can be too aggressive at times. He does most of his damage offensively in the lane. Has the ability to really impact the game on defense. Needs to learn how to play in the half court and cut down on turnovers and sure up his shot selection.

Josiah Fulcher (6’1/2020)- Pickerington Central
Central Ohio guard that can score in bunches. Fulcher can really heat up. Thrives off the catch-and-shoot with his quick release. Getting better at scoring off the dribble. Gets a lot of buckets sprinting in transition and scoring at the rim. Fulcher can be streaky at times and needs to improve shot selection. Fulcher has all the tools to be an above average defender. Inches will determine Fulcher’s level. He has the confidence and swag to play at a high level, but we are hoping he gets another inch or two.

Weston Baer (6’0/2020)- Pomeroy Meigs
This was our first time viewing this SE Ohio sniper. Baer really shoots the ball with confidence. Has a chance to be a really good player and score a ton of points at Meigs High School. We look forward to monitoring him over the next three years.

Grant Whisman (6’5/2020)- Middletown Madison
This SW Ohio prospect was a name that popped up amongst many scouts this past weekend. ESPN’s Paul Biancardi loved the potential of Whisman. Led the Southwestern Buckeye League in scoring as a freshman at just over 18 points a game. Can really shoot the basketball and has a very good feel for the game. Battled for rebounds. Needs to get stronger and work on getting by defenders off the dribble. Whisman has a chance to be mid-major plus recruit or better. It all depends on his development in growth areas.

Maxwell Land (6’3/2020)- Cincinnati Moeller
The son of former Cincinnati Bearcat, Eugene Land, has a totally different game than his father. Land has good vision and smoothly moves about the court. The lefty can really score the ball at the rim with excellent body control and strength. Didn’t take many shots from the perimeter, so that’s something we will have to see more of moving forward. His game came a little unglued in the tournament, trying to do things above his pay grade. When Land is playing with poise and within himself, he is very good.

Dominiq Penn (5’11/2020)- Dublin Coffman
Really enjoyed a big weekend at the #CREI17. Penn drew rave reviews from onlookers and teammates. The one thing we knew coming into Friday was Penn could really shoot the basketball, has solid quickness and shiftiness to his game, and his father (Scoonie) played at Boston College and Ohio State. Penn proved, over the weekend, he can really pass the ball and has a good feel for the game. His teammates loved playing with him, which is always a positive. Penn is tracking as a solid mid-major guard, but with some added inches, he could move up the charts.

John Hughley (6’8/2020)- Lyndhurst Brush
The NE Ohio big man struggled a bit over the weekend, but it’s clear to see the talent and size are there. It just depends on how much Big John wants it. When he focuses on dominating the paint and doing what he does best, Big John can be a force. Too often he lingers on the perimeter, which has to be a blessing for opposing defenses. He needs work on his conditioning, effort, and engagement throughout the game. Hughley has a good feel inside with terrific hands, and if he is engaged, the big fella really can control the paint.

EJ Farmer (6’2/2021)- Lutheran East
The defending state champs will love this kid. It’s very early, but Farmer has to be on the short list of top kids in Ohio’s Class of 2021. The lefty has plenty of room for growth in body and his game. He scored the ball really well and knock down some shots. With his length, he has a chance to be a really good defender as well. Farmer is yet to play a high school game, so there are numerous things he can work on, but shot selection would be at the top of the list.

VonCameron Davis (6’4/2020)- Walnut Ridge
The Central Ohio rising sophomore proved his game isn’t just state good, but he can also compete on a national level. Davis is a mid-range nightmare for opponents. He is undersized, but with his effort and motor, Davis overcomes many size issues. The kid just knows how to play and makes teams better.

Garner Wallace (6’3/2021)- Pickerington Central
Plenty of onlookers asked about Wallace over the weekend. It doesn’t take long to notice the gangly, wild-haired, and energetic Wallace. He can impact the game in a variety of ways and appears to have the winners gene. Wallace was an integral part of his team’s championship at the #CREI17. He did a little bit of everything and his unorthodox style produces results. He has a relentless motor. Wallace’s game needs some refinement, but he has plenty of time to work on it. He carries a 4.3 GPA and ran a 4:37 mile as an 8th graders. His sister is committed to play basketball at Penn State, so the genetics are there.

NextUpRecruits #CREI17 Recap

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Here is a look at 10 of the top performers from this past weekend’s 2017 CrossRoads Elite Invitational from NextUpRecruits Dylan Prezkop.


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Adam Shoulders @CREI_Adam

Kurt Stubbs @CREI_Kurt


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8th Annual CrossRoads Elite Invitational | Indianapolis, IN | JUNE 5-7, 2020

Plainfield High School –  1 Red Pride Drive, Plainfield, IN 46168


CLASSES OF 2022 & 2023 & 2024

Team USA U17 national team Head Coach Don Showalter instructs CREI camp all star  Kamaka Hepa (Texas) at the 2014 CREI. Showalter has been a frequent visitor and clinician at the CREI.

The 8th annual CrossRoads Elite Invitational will be held JUNE 5-7, 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana at Plainfield High School’s beautiful 6-court basketball field house.

2018 NBA lottery pick Michael Porter Jr was first seen by ESPN at the 2013 CREI.

The invite-only camp, which has housed some of the games brightest stars, features the nations best high school underclassmen.

A stage unlike any other, the CREI gives underclassmen the chance to develop and compete in front of some of grassroots basketball’s most influential people. ESPN.com’s John Stovall had this to say about the event in a 2014 recap, “Adam Shoulders (Camp President) and Kurt Stubbs (Former Camp VP) do a great job of accruing talent from across the United States in order to make this a top-flight event.”

This years camp will be headlined by 10-time gold medalist and U-17 USA basketball head coach Don Showalter. Coach Showalter will be putting campers through some of the same drills that have helped him lead the U-17 national team to 10 gold medals.


Before he was a 2018 lottery pick, Kevin Knox was a 2014 CREI attendee.

Over the course of the 3 days, campers will receive a balanced diet of skill development and games. Camp all star games will be played within a bracket format to encourage competitive play. Live stats will be kept for each camp game and will be posted online throughout the event. This will help provide insight to how every camper performed throughout the weekend. On Sunday, June 2nd, the camp will be narrowed down to a Top 24 and Top 40 all star game to be attended by fans and national media.

Take advantage of the opportunity to be next in a growing line of big time prospects to get their start at CrossRoads Elite. Ranked players that have had breakout performances at CrossRoads Elite include: Michael Porter (Denver Nuggets), Kevin Knox (New York Knicks), Bol Bol (Oregon, projected lottery pick), Darius Garland (Vanderbilt, projected lottery pick), Kevin Porter Jr (USC, projected 1st round pick), Kaleb Wesson (Ohio State), Kris Wilkes (UCLA), Kamaka Hepa (Texas), Jalen Smith (Maryland), Jontay Porter (Missouri), Kahlil Whitney (UK commit and projected 2020 lottery pick) and more.


  • Paul Biancardi ESPN Recruiting Nation’s @PaulBiancardi
  • Ty Kish (www.CityLeagueHoops.com) @CityLeagueHoops
  • Spencer Pulliam The Prep Insiders @SpencerPulliam @ThePrepInsiders
  • Terry Drake of Terry Drake Basketball @TDrakeBasketball
  • Kevin Boyle head coach at Montverde Academy (FL)
  • Tom Crean former head coach at Marquette/Indiana

    Georgia head coach Tom Crean came out to see the talent at the 2017 CREI.
  • Jeff Rabjohns Peegs/Scout @JeffRabjohns
  • Zach Ferrell head coach at Hamilton Heights (TN)
  • Pat Holmes head coach at La Lumiere (IN)
  • Evan Tomes of NBADraft.net @evantomes
  • Eric Gardner Prep Hoops Indiana @INPrep
  • Darren Scarberry NextUpRecruits @NextUpRecruits
  • Dylan Prezkop NextUpRecruits @DPrez304
  • Trevor Andershock Indy BBall Source @INBBallSource
  • @drichtv
  • Josh Posterino former assistant at Marshall, Depaul, Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Dayton
  • Landon Horton HWBD Hoops @HWBDHoops
  • Wes Hinton NextUpRecruits @weshinton83
  • Numerous high level travel programs and high school coaches


ESPNs national director of scouting Paul Biancardi speaks at the 2017 CREI.

Here is a look at a few of 2016’s Top Plays


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The game featured 24 of the world’s top rising high school freshmen and sophomores going head-to-head to cap off the 2015 installment of the CrossRoads Elite Invitational. Brought to you by WebStream Sports with Kurt Stubbs and Adam Shoulders on the call. Watch the game in its entirety here…